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Cannot load seeds and then nothing else.
I have had this problem for 2-3 weeks now.My laptop loads and does all it is told to do.And works fine.My home unit somehow stopped loading seeds and nothing from that can happen.I have erased all the programs and loaded new "clean"Vuze program.Same problem.Would like help,please.
Sounds like your ISP is blocking you

first check here and locate your ISP.

then read this for suggestions on how to avoid your ISP's efforts (if necessary)

The words here and this are links ;-)

If you can not find anything there try a glasnost test:

Do you get your Internet for "free" with your flat/apartment/dorm/whatever???   Many times the landlord will block torrenting in those cases.

Let us know and we can go from there!

Did you recently add a program like peerblock or peerguardian?

Did you recently get a new security suite/anti-virus program?

All of those are known to cause problems with torrenting in general and or with specific torrent sites.

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