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Can't get qued items active
I just started using Vuze and have 353 files that I transferred over from Utorrent.  My problem is I can only get about 74 items to actively seed.  At first I had everything queing but that went on for two days and nothing ever switched to seeding.  Now I have stopped everything and only have 76 items active and all but two are showing seeding.  I went under options, qued and change the max simultaneous downloads and max active torrents to 0  which I understand is unlimited.

How do I get all my torrents to be seeding?

I have Windows 8.1
Firefox 37
In general Vuze will only actively seed a torrent if it detects that peers that need data - this is based on responses from trackers/the DHT. You can fiddle with the settings here: 

Queue->Seeding->First Priority: Ignore ....

Every active torrent uses some resources so in general you don't want too many in that state.

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