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Number of seeders
I have set up a system of tags to auto archive my torrents. Among other things, the conditions include isGT( seeding_for, xxx ) && isGT( seed_count, xxx ) so that the fewer people seeding, the longer I will leave a torrent active.

I have now observed the following happening several times: I find a torrent stopped but not satifying any archive condition; I force start it; the number of seeders increases; an archive tag condition becomes true; the tag is applied and the torrent is auto-stopped; a few seconds later the number of seeds drops (sometimes to zero); the archive condition is now false and the archive tag gets removed.

Seeders go on- and off-line all the time, but this is not what is happening here. The number of seeders reported changes depending on whether the torrent is actively seeding or not.

I have not been able to figure out any pattern of when it does or does not happen
peer/seed counts come from several sources - 'normal' trackers (torrents can have a lot of these, all reporting their own counts), decentralized (both Vuze DHT and Mainline DHT when enabled). Then there's the difference between replies to 'announce' operations (when a torrent is running) and 'scrape' operations (when stopped, assuming scraping-while-stopped is enabled). Values are also cached across Vuze restarts to try and be consistent.

One thing you could do to work around your issue is to set the scope of your archive tag to be 'addition only' - that means that torrents will automatically be added to it when the condition becomes true but won't automatically be removed if it subsequently becomes false.

Thanks for pointing that out.

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