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Automatically remove torrents from library after reaching seeding ratio?
I want to remove torrents from the Vuze library (but leave the data files intact and in place) after they have reached their seeding ratio and have stopped seeding. I can't seem to find a way to do this. I've googled, searched the forums, look at settings, etc. It's the last piece of the puzzle for automating my torrents so that I don't have to do very much maintenance of the setup. Can you help?
You can almost do it with Tags ( - arrange for your completed downloads to be auto-assigned to a tag (e.g. using a constraint like 

isGE( shareratio, 0.5 )

) and then set the Tag's limit under tag settings to 1 and set the removal policy to 'remove from library' (or maybe better 'archive')

Unfortunately '0' means 'unlimited' so you would always have the most recently seeded torrent left.
I set my limit to 5 and the policy to archive, but they just sit there for days until I manually archive them.
Oh! Should I set the tag to stop the torrent?
Yes, having the tag stop the torrent allowed them to be auto archived.

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