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How do I open a torrent after it has downloaded?
I used Vuze Leaf to download abandoned Apple ][ software to use with an emulator. I downloaded it from Internet Archive. It downloaded as one .torrent file.
The AppleWin emulator doesn't recognize the .torrent file.
So I thought maybe I need to open the file with Vuze to extract it.
But when double click on the file, nothing happens. When I right click and select "Open with" and select "Vuze" nothing happens. And when I open Vuze and try to open the file from there, nothing happens.
I thought maybe it's a compressed file, so I tried to open it with 7zip, but that didn't work either.
I tried Googling how to open it and searched this forum, but can't seem to find anyone else who is having the same problem.
What am I doing wrong?

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