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  Frog Thread: [tutorial] no active torrents / percent drop on downloaded torrent
Post: [tutorial] no active torrents / percent drop on do...

I got the file nearly obtained+torrent file. Didnt touch anything yet when restarted the pc the entry alongside 2 others are gone and all I can see is "no active torrents" -just re-add torrent file wi...
kamolinka1 Vuze Leap Beta 0 4,410 08-13-2016, 01:57 AM
    Thread: Vuze vs Vuze Leap
Post: RE: Vuze vs Vuze Leap

Leap its certainly faster, lower the pc usage, space. Have little options but for a normal user far from little:>  Cheers.
kamolinka1 Community Open Support 1 5,292 08-13-2016, 01:33 AM