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Full Version: Other favorite trackers
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Since it looks like the Pirate Bay may finally be gone for good this time, anyone in Vuzespace have other trackers that they can suggest as a replacement?
Well interesting reading about vs  I heard it reported at least once as the real TPB but it is  a mirror read the comments at to see why some confusion exists.  This is also interesting TPB cloud

If you wait a few weeks torrentfreak's 2015 top sites will be published updating their 2014 list torrentfreak
Will do - Thanks!

In the meantime, I've learned that Gary Fung (of isoHunt fame) has posted a copy of TPB as  I got a file from there that was OK.  The swarms are pretty small, understandably (not a problem for me - as a rule, I avoid large swarms with lots of leechers, anyway).