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Full Version: Internet connection drops.
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Sorry, this may take a bit.  After my router/modem was changed, my internet connection would drop a few minutes after startup.  I decided to use another hard drive to boot up (one which I last used for that purpose 3 years ago).  Hooray, the connection was stable, so I decided to go steady with that drive.  When I added Vuze, the connection problem recurred.  I stopped running Vuze at startup and all was okay. I went back to the original drive and disabled Vuze and connection problem gone.  While Vuze would seem to be the culprit, I suspect it is some router setting.  I don't know routers well enough to even guess at which setting(s) are involved or even if it is a router issue.  I am on a Mac running OS X 10.6.8 and it is an Arris router/modem.  

Enlightenment sought!
There could be a few reasons - check out
The list of bad routers could have been useful if my router was among them.  I have 52 years of programming experience, but little network or router knowledge.  The Usual Solutions sectiion did not provide me with enough specificity and hand-holding.  Telling me to minimize sometthing did not suggest a number or approach.

The cable company will provide me with a new router/modem, the next to last "usual" solution.  lol