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Full Version: Lurker here, requesting help organizing downloads automatically *)
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Howdy everybody,

Long time Azerus/Vuze user .  Thank you for all the hard work on such a robust program!

I recently switched my media sever to Plex which requires my video files to be seperated into a TV folder and Movies folder.  I am hoping there is a tutorial on how to set up some automation to tag each download automatically as either TV or Movie (possibly when setting up an RSS search feed/automatic download?).  

I am using OSX and I am obtaining most of my shows through showRSS and Vuze's RSS automatic key word search feature for reoccuring shows.

Any advice or methods you use would be great to hear about.   

Thank you !


Have you checked out ?

You can assign a tag to an RSS feed and then set that tag to have an 'initial save location' property so that everything downloaded from the feed ends up in the same folder.
Thanks Parg,

I think this will be the solution.  I wondered if the geniuses had already built in a functionality that I did not find.  Looks to be the case...

Can I ask one more organizational question that I have struggled with Please?

When I use the RSS saved search option for reoccurring shows.  I often use the most generic search terms to insure the greatest number of results.  For example:  "TED Talks" if I then select auto download I end up with multiple copies of the same episode.  But if I add a seeder's avatar name for example: "TED Talks DIMENSION" , then the reliability of the auto download to receive every show suffers greatly.  

Are there other keywords words that are reliable enough to depend on for most RSS searches or even better can I restrict the auto download to only download one copy of the show among multiple copies that show in the RSS feed?

Please let me know if my question was not clear :)
Unfortunately there's no general way to handle this reliably... 

If you could come up with some Java code that looked at a list of downloads and, based on their title, could work out which ones to stop because they were duplicates, it would be simple to turn it into a plugin...