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How can I get subtitles to load when they are contained within a file. The film in question is an mp.4 file and there are both Dutch and English subtitles (srt.) within the main file but when I play it there are no subtitles. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
Using Mac 10.9.5. Are srt files Windows only? 
(11-30-2014, 08:20 PM)'broy' Wrote: [ -> ]Using Mac 10.9.5. Are srt files Windows only? 


Are you attempting to play file within Vuze? If so I'm not sure how to specifically help there as I have never used those features of Vuze. But I can tell you that .srt is essentially a text file with some specific formatting so, no, it's not windows only. I have used many .srt files with my media server running Plex on my mac with no issues.