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Full Version: Downloads stop while seeding
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Start up Vuze, I queue up some 10 to 15 torrents. Only allow 3 torrents at a time to download. The remaining torrents are "Queued"

When a torrent is complete it begins to seed but the 3 downloading torrents stop downloading and the remaining queued torrents change their status to "Downloading". The seeding is successful but all downloads grind to a hault although the seeds per torrent is good, the download transfer rate is 0b/s

The second I remove the seeding torrent everything starts working fine. Quite disappointing when I come back after an hour and find that everything is waiting for me to remove the seeding torrent :(

Any idea please?

Not sure why the seed would prevent the others from downloading - you could try limiting the seed's upload speed by

1) enabling the 'Seeding' auto-tag (right-click on the My Torrent entry in the sidebar  ->Tags->Auto Tags->Download States->Seeding)
2) right-click on the Seeding tag in the sidebar and set the upload speed
Set as you recommended. Will get back to you. Thanks for taking the time to help out :)
Did it again. Here's a screen shot where there's one torrent dloading and one seeing. Note the one dloading is not doing anything while the one seeding is set to 2k and seeding away