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Full Version: How to make Library in Sidebar show ALL files
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New to Vuze, nice job, developers .. I need to give you some money.
Just dumped uTorrent due to the BlueScreen problems ..

I've learned my way around Vuze pretty well in Advanced mode in about 2 hrs.

Q. It seems like the "Library" link in side bar would show everyting in the library .. all files, a collection of all files I've collected, yet it doesn't.

Am I missing something ?

In "Show/Hide Tags" I've enabled everything to appear in the Side Bar.

I want to be able to display all files in my collection, and use search on everything in the Library.

- Thanks
Example :

I have 14 *.torrents in my torrent DIR.

There are 7 completed torrents in the "Library" link, vuze side bar, (in my "Move" DIR)
There are also 7 torrents incomplete, currently downloading .. (in my "Default" DIR)

However, my "Move" DIR shows (3) torrents successfully completed that do not appear anywhere in the tag screens.

Kinda confusing.

I was hoping to have a common place to search/display all torrents, a complete library, etc.

There are also some of the tab screen that display incorrect numbers, like

- Complete (7) but no torrents are listed there
- Inactive (12) but there are only 6 torrents listed there
- Active (2) but there is only one ..
- etc.