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Full Version: Vuze crashes whenever I open the app, help!
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So Vuze was running fine, but now it freezes/crashes whenever I try to sift through my downloads. The issue is I've added a magnet link that's 60GB in size, and it's been crashing Vuze ever since. I'd like to know how I can fix this as I've already tried reinstalling Vuze
Can someone help me? I can't actually delete the torrent in question as whenever I try to browse through the Vuze client, it stops responding.
Have you tried looking in the logs directory to see what is technically causing the crash? Check out the 'debug_1.log' (or debug_2.log) file.

Most likely it isn't the total size of the torrent causing the issue but the fact that it (probably) contains a huge number of files.

My guess would be that it is a memory issue, so you might be able to increase available memory to get Vuze to run:

Worst case, find out the hash of the torrent and then go to the 'active' directory in the configuration directory (see and delete the file(s) in there that start with the hash

you could try 512MB