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Full Version: Vuze Leap for Linux?
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When can we expect a version for Linux?  I only run Windows as a VM and rarely at that.


Hello FirstPrime,

Linux is definitely a possible platform for Leap.
More updates related to this in the following months.

The Beta is currently running only on Windows.
I await the linux releasr for linux. Hope its stable. Resource use is a reason I switched. And so with many linux users.
There are simple too many options and tweaks which amount to sloppy code and bulk as well as problems. I would hope most useful tweaks become addons at the discretion of the user. Also if vuze dumped java which actually become less neccessary slimmed down I'm for it in a big way. I hope to see a smarter quicker stabler humbler vuze. Hopefully with a sexxy UI or a nore.configurable one.
A very large user base for bittorrent lies in linux so hopefully this can come about.