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Full Version: 'Compass' GUI Element on Full Screen Video
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Whenever I play a video fullscreen in the Vuze video player, the interface overlays an immovable 'compass' or 'clock' GUI element on the screen.  I've attached an example to this post.

My assumption is that there may be a setting turned on in whatever gui framework or library is being used in the application that can be reset.  I see the exact same 'compass' on top of the Drobo Dashboard GUI, which I installed more recently than Vuze. Can anyone help me, please? 


Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
Intel i7-3930K
nVidia 680 GTX 4GB  / 580 GTX 3GB


I found the cause after searching for similar images. I uninstalled ASUS Sonic Radar, per the following: