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Full Version: Force install plugins ??
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As soon as I check for new updates (classic ui > help > check for updates) Vuze starts to download and install the plugins that I have uninstalled w/o even asking!
(the plugins was uninstalled and I had restarted Vuze in between this. This happen once for every new version of the Vuze! Very irritating!!)

It like if you test a plugin you cant get rid of it!

mlDHT is one of these (broken and starts to broadcast port even when you dont use it!)
To avoid this don't uninstall them, disable them - Tools->Options->Plugins
Thats not any good solution!!
Sure it is - there's a reason the plugins are being installed and that is either

1) you're in the beta program and they are under test (don't like this, quit the beta program)
2) you are not in the beta program and the plugins are considered to be essential parts of Vuze (don't like this, disable them)

If you disable them then do so by un-checking the 'load at startup' box under Tools->Options->Plugins. That way they won't take any runtime resources.