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Full Version: Meaning of "Completed On" date/time
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I sorted my torrents by "Completed On", and realized that for torrents which had reached my ratio goal, the "completed on" date seemed to be when they reached the ratio goal, whereas for torrents which still had too low of a ratio, the "completed on" dat seemed to be when they had finished downloading.  Are these two values really not stored separately by Vuze?  I'd like to be able to see my most recently downloaded torrents, without mixing in torrents that just happened to recently reach their seeding goal...
There isn't any logic in that column's sort based on share ratio (there is stuff to do with incomplete torrents sorting by added date and eta stuff though

So I'm not sure what you're seeing
Hmm. Looking at it again, maybe it's not related to ratio. But to put it simply, when I sort by the Completed On column, there are some torrents very close to the "most recent" end of the sort, which I know I finished downloading a long time ago, and yet they have today or yesterday's date in the Completed On field. It's not an issue of sorting either, because the same recent date shows up in the torrent's own Info page. Both the torrents are in Queued status due to lack of peers (whereas all the other most recent torrents are in Seeding status).