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Full Version: How to install Mainstream Vuze after reformat from a Beta version while keeping downl
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First off, I'm sorry if pats or all of this has been covered in various threads here somewhere, A google search yielded no help to me.

I am in the process of "reformatting" my computer (New main drive fresh install all around) and I am trying to instal the mainstream (stable) version of Vuze on the new drive while transfering the c:/Users/<name>/AppData/Azureus folder from the previous HDD so as to keep all my downloads and such (Yess all directories/save paths will remain the same)
 I got it to "work" but when I open the program on the new install it is now asking to "Upgrade" to 5.x.x.x_b30, If I'm not mistaken thats the beta format isn't it? how do I get it to stay the mainstream/stable version? If I was to uninstall and delete this instillation and re-install clean on the new drive precisely which files would I have to move over just to keep the download history list things? without it trying to turn itself into a BETA version again?

The old setup is still on the old, and functioning, HDD That's why I say I am in the process of re-formatting, Once I get all my kinks (home networking and such) worked out that I can stay with the new drive untill then I do little bits at a time to get everything settled wile mainly using the old drive.

Thanks for any help you can provide,
You can go to the Help menu and opt-out of the Beta Program to stop it from trying to update you
*facepalm* why the H didn't I think of doing that.... Now I feel like a complete idiot....


Next completely unrelated issue, How to log into this site using my firefox.... I keep getting 404 errors... lol