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Full Version: Router with Twonky and external USB Drive.
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I have a router with a built in media server (Twonky)
The router also has an external hard drive which is where I store the media for the Twonkey server.
I also have a mac with iTunes.

Under Device Playback I see my other media servers like iTunes, but the Twonky Server doesn't appear.
This kind of makes it hard to transcode videos for that device.
For iTunes I just drop my media on the iTunes icon and my media is transcoded for iTunes.
Can't do this with the Twonky server.
In the FAQ for Vuze Devices, there's a link for supported devices:

Twonky is not on this list.  That -might- be your problem.

wow.. who knew adding text to a list was just a powerful action.
isn't it just a DLNA server. What's the real issue?