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Full Version: Updating Vuze on Ubuntu
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It is difficult to update Vuze and Vuze plugins when Vuze is installed through Ubuntu Software Center / apt-get.

These Ubuntu distributions come with special places for jar files (/usr/share/java which contains symlinks), for startup scripts (/usr/bin) and for config/plugins dir (in config directory $HOME/.azureus). Vuze Ubuntu startup script also adds -Dazureus.install.path="$HOME/.azureus"

Vuze considers that Vuze jar files (i.e. Azureus2 and SWT) must be located in install.dir, hence Vuze plugin update fails and throws an unclear error at the poor user:
Quote:swt.alert.cant.update=SWT library loaded from "%3" can't be automatically updated from version %1 to %2 (must be loaded from "%4"). Please see <A HREF="">the wiki</A> for details.

Concerned piece of code in (code is modified to be more concise):

expected_dir = new File( checker.getCheckInstance().getManager().getInstallDir() ).getCanonicalFile();
jar_file_dir = jar_file.getParentFile().getCanonicalFile();

if ( expected_dir.equals( jar_file_dir )){
// everything looks ok
} else {
COConfigurationManager.setParameter( "swt.update.prevented.version", update_prevented_version ); // <= ERROR THROWN

Canonical (Ubuntu) is very probably not going to change the location for jar files.

It would be a good that:
- Vuze could identify the custom dir of jar files, and ask for root permissions, if necessary, when updating it.
- Vuze official startup script also looks for jar files in /usr/share/java, and identify that install.dir is config.dir (to still be able to update plugins) and not where the Vuze jar files are.

So the solution for now is to do a manual install, that provides upgradability.