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Full Version: Vuze Takes 40+ Seconds To Delete a Torrent
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Today I tried to delete a torrent that had completed.
It was shown as "Seeding" and after clicking on "Delete from Computer" in the "Delete Content" pop-up, the staus changed to "Stopping" and then about 40 seconds later the torrent was removed from the screen.

I'm using version on Win XP in the Classic view - just the upper pane of torrents downloading and the lower pane of completed torrents.

Normally, deleting a torrent would be virtually instantaneous. This long delay is reproducible - every time I delete a completed or a downloading torrent, I have to wait a long time for the torrent to go.

I emptied my Recycle Bin, in case that was the problem, but the delay is still there.

I will now delete another completed torrent and time what happens:

The torrent status is "Seeding".
Hit "Delete from Computer" and it changes immediately to "Stopping".
Continues to say "Stopping" for 2 minutes 20 seconds.
Then "Stopped" replaces "Stopping" and the torrent disppears from the list.

Any ideas?


Just found this thread again, so should at least post what I eventually found: the problem was with my Recycle Bin. Not only was it massive, i.e. contained thousands of files, but some files could not be deleted becuase of a fault with one of the hard drives on my system.

I eventually fixed the hard drive - can't remember how, now - and then managed to empty the recycle bin, so any "delete" operation - including Vuze's torrent delete - occurred quickly, as it should.