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Full Version: Lost all torrents listed in Vuze!
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I have had some system problems and blue screen restarts (Win10).
After the last it showed "Scanning and repairing Drive C:"!
Now when I start Vuze it is 'empty' no torrents listed!
I had about 100 torrents either dowloaded and seeding or in the process of downloading.
Is there any recovery or backup record I can use to get back to the list I had?

Just to add I have found under :-
Users\myname\appdata\roaming\azureus\torrents all the files I was downloading including the last one I started!!!
Is there any way I can pull those across so that Vuze picks up from where it left off?

This looks like a regular directory not a backup or archive and I wonder why all the torrents are there if they are not still showing in Vuze?!

Any help appreciated
Whoo !
Just found the Vuze Backup Restore option and tried a recent date that I know everything worked and it has restored all to that date!!!
I just have to fill in the most recent torrents.

@Parg I left my computer connected by downloading a file, get out and went to brush my teeth, when I came back, the computer was just reset, and the vuze restored the default (lost all settings, files), so I decided to reinstall the application from scratch, but there was a problem saying that my code has expired, what should I do?