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Full Version: Just subscribed, says it's downloading, nothing happening
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No data being downloaded. Zip.

Macbook Air
Using a VPN from time to time but doesn't download anything when that is on or off.

Any ideas??
Same for me today. VPN off and on it's the same. No update to Vuze or anything on my MacBook Pro that would cause a change from yesterday when it was working normally.
Had another go at reading thro some other posts to try to fix but no joy. 

I'm on Vuze 5.7. Switched off anti-virus and re-started, changed some settings from 0 to higher numbers, no joy.

Gutted that I've had to move to using Deluge doesn't do what I'm used to!

I'll keep trying now and again. Hopefully something will make Vuze start as suddenly as it stopped!