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Full Version: Remembering folder when moving files
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Running Win 8, Vuze, MAM, ISP:Cox running VPN in assorted exit points.

I recently rebuilt my system after having massive failures from the 8.1 "upgrade".  After restoring everything and using Vuze I notice that it no longer "remembers" the last folder I selected when moving files.

After downloading a file I have Vuze automatically move the completed file to a folder, let's call it "Unwatched".  After I have used the file I manually move it to another folder for continued seeding, let's call it "Watched".  In the previous installation, even prior to the 8.1 "upgrade", Vuze would "remember" the last used destination folder in the context of moving a file.  Now every time I try to move a file Vuze points to the "...torrents" folder and I have to drill back and down the tree.  It's just aggravating to have to navigate the tree every single time I want to move a file.  99% of the time I move a file to the same destination, e.g., "Watched".

Clues? Hints? Solutions?

Same issue here, it was working for some releases.

Open Torrent Options Dialog - right click file - select Change destination - Choose save path dialog - directories are the default download location and not the last location.

Can this be reinstated as it is very handy for downloading a large number of similar files to the same location?

Java 1.8.0_73 (64 bit) Oracle Corporation SWT v4508, win32 Windows 10 v10.0, amd64 V5.7.1.1_B08/4 az3