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Full Version: Kickass search template slow
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I am running V5.7.0.1_B16/4 az3 and have noticed a change in the behavior of my subscriptions in the last 1 or 2 beta releases.  When I choose to download one of multiple torrents listed under a particular subscription, the chosen torrent does not gray out and is not subtracted from the total torrents showing under that subscription in my sidebar.  This would normally be a minor problem, but I am used to seeing that a particular subscription has or has not been previously downloaded by seeing a downloaded result gray out anjd the total number of torrents under that sunscription change.  As it stand right now, I must search my library to see if I have downloaded any of the torrents listed.

Example: KAT search template shows 25 movie torrents available, I choose to download one, it does not gray out after downloading the metadata, etc.  and when I close the template subscription, it still shows 25 torrents available.  Previous versions have subtracted the one torrent I have downloaded and grayed that particular one out.

Is this a bug or is it a change in that particular function?