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Full Version: I Got's Renewal Troubles....Help Admin!
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1) PayPal, the rat bastards, will not take my payment information after 15 trys with 3 different cards......all legit mind you. This same thing happened when I renewed in 2013.
2) I can't contact Vuze Plus Support because Vuze will not recognize the code they sent me.....twice! Come on guys. I have been a paying customer since you started wanting money.
3) You can't send an email to Vuze  UNLESS it has to do with Privacy issues. This is not how it was setup a year ago. Have they retreated to der Fuhrer Bunker? 
4) And to top it all off, my nose has started to bleed because my BP has gone through the roof, which is not good for a victim of a quadruple bypass.

So in closing.....HELP!!!!!!

Thank you very much.