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Full Version: KAT Search Template Very Slow
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In the last month, has anyone but me noticed a considerable slowing of their KAT search template and half the time it not returning any results at all, just showing a "failed sign"?  I know that the templates are not supported by the Vuze staff, understandably so, but I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue.

For the last few weeks, it seems like the KAT website can not even be reached for 12 hours a day, producing the exclamation point in a yellow triangle on all my KAT based subscriptions.  The other 12 hours, it is usually functional, although there have been times that the exclamation point is there for days.  I know this often means the site is down, but torrents can still be downloaded directly via magnet link from the site.

Additionally, I realize that KAT has changed its site location numerous time for various reasons and, presently, I am being routed through various previous waypoints to finally connect with  I have set up a template to connect directly to, which worked brilliantly until it didn't, approximately a week after setting it  up.  This routing obviously will take extra time, but in the last few weeks, my KAT template is taking a few minutes to complete after my other templates (e.g extratorrent) have finished searching and produced results.

Initiating a search through, which bounces me around, is obviously not the best way to go, but it is the only way I can get ANY results.

Is anyone else having similar problems?  Have you come to believe it is just the nature of the beast or am I missing an obvious fix or solution to the problem?  Does anyone have a functional search template that they would be willing to share with me?