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Full Version: Vuze Plus renewal
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Got my renewal notice in December 2015, paid and received VISA confirmation (PayPal *AzureUSsoft 4029357733). Now I get another renewal notice! Was the first one a scam? Anybody else have this problem?
Please contact support using the information inĀ
People who have had problems with Paypal understand that it creates financial faux "paus".
As a Network Security Analyst I tell people to avoid Paypal because of it's many security holes. I too had a paypal account
and once my information was in there anyone could say they were legitimate and required payment without my knowledge
or consent. It was a long time nightmare trying to unsubscribe from Paypal. I urge Vuze to not force people to PayPal due
to it's method of operation and the many security flaws. I wish to pay for Vuze but I will not accept PayPal. Try Western Union,
checks, amex, visa or mastercard. Please.