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Full Version: Two things Vuze needs
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#1. When selecting where to save a download (turning that on for *all* torrents is pretty well buried) the checkboxes to select/deselect which files to download do nothing. It still allocates the space and downloads the files you uncheck. To actually not allocate the space and not download a file you have to right click it in the Library or Downloading screen then set priority to Delete. Even then it will still leave some of the partially downloaded files you've told it to delete. Those checkboxes have been completely useless since Vuze was Azureus.

#2. Sorting the list of files *within torrents*. If I have a torrent with a couple of hundred files in it, I'd like to be able to sort them by name, progress %, size etc. But it only sorts by the top level of each torrent. Right now I'm downloading one with a lot of files with names that start with sequential numbers, but I'm stuck looking at them in random order because Vuze can't sort anything properly.
Regarding #1

I think that when the relatively new 'open torrent options dialog' was introduced there was an option shown at the bottom of it that allowed you to select subsequent behaviour (show always, show for downloads with > 1 file, never show)?

For me, deselecting the file results in zero space being allocated for it initially, it then uses some space when needed to accomdate partial pieces that (may) overlap the start and end of the file.

Regarding #2

Sort the files in the Files View (either the tab at the bottom of the library view or in the separate Files View within the detailed view.