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Full Version: IP Binding: multiple VPN connections over 1 line
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Hello Everyone,

My situation:
(unprotected) Internet connection = 100Mbps (measured/tested)
VPN-A = max speed of 8Mbps (per account)
VPN-B = max speed of 8Mbps (per account)

If VPN A & B are from two totally different brands and locations, have different given IP addresses where A starts with 10.X.X.X and B starts with 192.X.X.X, they both have totally different DNS addresses ==> does it make sense to set them both up for IP Binding (load balancing)?

What would the answer be to this question if VPN A & B are from the same brand and both connected to the same server but assigned different IP-addresses and both starting with 10.199.X.X and the same DNS addresses for example?

I ask these questions with the theory in mind that these VPN connections are deliberately crippled by the providers, hoping that combining multiple accounts would lead to a faster overall VPN-download-speed.

If it's possible could you please further explain how this affects load balancing for example, or why one/both configuration(s) would work or not at all? I am also open to other suggestions in order to maximize speed (by using multiple VPN connections).
Are you sure the VPN is 8 Mbit/sec not 8 MByte/sec (or Mbps not MBps)  Big difference!

As far as the load balancing part of your post . . . I have no idea but I know it is not trivial.