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Full Version: Dreadful Cacophony
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[size=12px]Last night, about 5:30 am, without any warning, my PC sound suddenly sprang into life and started playing some dreadful noise very loudly. This woke me up as I sleep in the same room and seed overnight while using the PC to play white noise to cancel out the street noise. 

I was unable to figure out where it was coming from. No browsers were open, the only thing running other than White Noise was Vuze. I then noticed something I have never seen before, a video of some crap playing. I didn't start this video or want it to wake me up at 5:30 AM, so what gives? Do I have to ditch Vuze after using it for 11 years nearly? Why have you suddenly put these highly obtrusive adverts in it? Do you want people to stop using it?