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Full Version: Paypal does not allow me to purchase vuze plus using my credit card from Pakistan.
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I live in Pakistan and as a resident I know that there are millions of users in Pakistan that torrent on a daily basis. I am sure that many of those users are using vuze as their primary torrent client. It is such a shame to see that users from Pakistan cannot buy vuze plus and support their favourite software just because paypal thinks it is too difficult to charge a credit card from Pakistan. I am sure there are other coutries too where paypal is not supported.

In my opinion vuze should change or add payment processor to support all the countries not just a handfull. I would love to buy vuze plus specially now when it is 50% off if vuze management gives me a way to buy the software in Pakistan. I hope someone looks into this soon as paypal is making you lose money and customers.

Sad to hear this...