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Full Version: Azureus freezing by torrent deleting etc
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all the latest versions of the program hangs on ultra powerful machine, it is not the fault of the system, as it is clean. That's my general opinion on the program. Returning to the problem, the program always firmly stuck in the simple removal of the torrent files. The only thing that happens is, the removal of the first 100 files, and then hangs for ever, while the internal file list comes into disrepair. My question is - how to forcefully remove all already downloaded files from the library? Make it so that the program does not hanged? The second problem - When you add a group of files, the menu always freezes, and then ceases to add other files. If you try to manually re-add, it will come a lot of messages that this file has already been added, while the rest will be added to the first hovering. The third question - Why is your program has become so bad ?! For a simple user is a nightmare, not to mention the professionals.