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Full Version: Starting up files i've already downloaded.
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New to this forum and kicking the tires on Vuze, uTorrent is crashing on me constantly and i'm looking to see if this is any better.

My question is simple, i'm trying to start up torrents that i'd already downloaded using the uTorrent tracker that i was sharing via uTorrent.  Now, i'd like to share what i've already downloaded using Vuze.  In uTorrent, you simply re-download the torrent file, uTorrent sees the files in your target directory, checks them and starts seeding.

What i see with Vuze is that if you download the torrent file for files you already have, it creates a NEW directory "torrentname"-1 and begins to download the torrent all over again.  Rather than do that, i want it see that i've already downloaded the files, check them and start sharing them, it hurts my share ratio to re-download them.

Simple thing, can anybody tell me how to alter what appears to be the default Vuze behavior of creating a new download directory every time?
thanx and cheers!
(02-06-2016, 10:04 AM)'parg' Wrote: [ -> ]Check out

That's exactly what i needed, thank you for pointing it out to me.