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Full Version: Vuze Problems with seeding
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I just like to say this is a great piece of software & I'm 99% happy with it.
My problems are as follows :-
1) I keep a good eye on my upload/downloads & yet Vuze is a real let down when "Fair=Fair"

Example - If I see somebody who has 50% of a file & I only have 15% then why am I uploading at 100% & receiving next to nothing back yet on the odd occasion I can actually see this person can actually upload to me at a similar speed. He's limiting me yet if I limit him I get nothing.

2) When I kick somebody for reasons above even kick & ban it's not permanent, all they need to do is kick me/reconnect & I'm unhappily sending them at 100% again!!
Kick & ban should be forever, the same problem persists for kick for ammount of time. It's ignored if the guy kicks me & reconnects!
All these features have major flaws that are being exploited by people using utorrent & deluge & just about every other client.

Whats the deal? All I want is a fair ratio......