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Full Version: vuze ubuntu -- each torrent opens a new instance of vuze
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someone solved this for windows, looking for a Ubuntu fix.

Vuze worked great on Ubuntu for me for years, downloading TV episodes.  But I didn't DL movies b/c I was concerned about copyright notices (I got a couple notices from my ISP to stop DLing movies).

So I purchased a VPN / proxy account with and it seemed to work ok -- but now every time I start another torrent, a new instance of vuze starts.  Also, 

some of the error notices: 

ERROR, unable to bind TCP incoming server socket to 16297 Address already in use


Failed to establish listen on port UDP:16297.
Check that other applications aren't already using this port.
Also check for another copy of Vuze running.

and in Vuze itself, the hung torrent has a red ball "means that you're not connected to any peer while downloading"

when I hit the 'show details' button, the Tracker Status field reads:

Connection Error (PRUDPPacketHandlerException:Tr   --- the rest is covered up by the Update Tracker button