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Full Version: DVD Burn Error
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I am looking for anyone who has an information on a DVD Burn Error that I encountered. There is a .Jpg file attached that has the screen shot of the error message. It allows me to burn the first few minutes of a movie, but quits soon after. The run time shows the whole length of the movie but does not burn the whole movie. Please, if someone has any information on this error and how to fix it, it would be apprieciated.
I deleted some of the torrents that I had on my computer and it was able to burn twice the amount as before but still wouldn't burn the the whole DVD. The new error message is: "fifo had 11117 puts and 10830 gets.; fifo was 0 times empty and 3031 times full, min fill was 33%." Please if there is anyone who has some incite on this issue it would help extremely. Thanks