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Full Version: Contstant RED upload ratio - fantastic d/l
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Despite having a fantastic download rate, for some reason I never can seem to get the 'Ratio' icon to green or even yellow. This is when I am downloading a torrent file.

Attached are screenshots of my settings.

I have the following ports forwarded:

Incoming RX Port (TCP): 30000
Incoming RX Port (UDP): 30010
Mainline DHT: 49001 (TCP/UDP)
Tracker (Server): 6881 - TCP/UPDP - HTTP

I am on a DS3 (45Mbit) connection and my ISP plays nice with ports :) as far as blocking is concerned.

I run ClearOS 7.1 Home Essentials which takes care of routing/firewall/gateway/servers, etc. - a CentOS Linux based app.



Is this a setting issue on my end?