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Full Version: Archived & old untouched torrents redownload
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Hi Guys,

I have finally signed up on the forum after being a loyal Azureus user for more than a decade now! I have been having the same issue for years now, however, since I started archiving my completed files the problem has gotten a lot worse.

About once a day (intermittent), an archived file will move out of the archive and start downloading anew.
  1. These files show the “downloaded” amount to be equivalent to the files size, and when they complete (for the second time) the “downloaded” amount is then doubled.
  2. When I look at the files using “Show in Explorer” it shows the files normally, however, the files Vuze locates ARE DIFFERENT than what the client shows for the torrents “Name”. When I download a torrent for the first time I usually rename it using “Rename…”, in order to do a better job organizing.
  3. The torrents that redownload all had been moved using “Move Data Files…” to a local internal storage drive. This is normal; all archived files get moved to the storage drive before archiving.  
Does anyone know why this is happening? It is like somewhere in Vuse's records it is forgetting I altered the name of a file yet still references it correctly. There is never any data missing or corrupted issues. Also, I have A LOT of files in the archive now; about 3752 to be precise.

Thanks for all your help!