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Full Version: Seeding destroys active torrent download speeds. Simple solution?
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I have tried searching for an answer to this and failed to pull up anything relative.  Could be my poor searching skills at fault here so I am sorry if this is a common question.  I believe there is probably a very simple solution to this and something obvious that I am overlooking.  Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction.

I have always had the problem of my torrent download speeds starting out great and then dropping to 1-20k each.  I had always wondered what was causing this and then recently I found out.  The instant a torrent completes and starts to seed, all my other active torrent's download speeds drop.  Soon as I delete the seeding torrent they all quickly rise back up to 300k to 1.3Mb each.  I only have 5 active torrent at a time and my upload speed in no way is maxing out as I have even tested setting it to only 5k.

I want to contribute but currently any type of seeding completely kills my current torrents.  What option am I overlooking?  This occurs with base installation and with me screwing around with settings.

OS - Windows 7 Pro
Vuze Version -
Router  - Nighthawk R7000
Internet - Cable 15 Mb
Thanks in advance!