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Full Version: 1 or more i2p peers see privacy view?
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Why on some downloads does it say " 1 or more i2p peers see privacy view? What does it mean?
I2P is an anonymous overlay network that can be installed/enabled by the 'Privacy View' (one of the sub-tabs at the bottom Library). The message means that one or more I2P peers have been detected for the download.

See  (or double click the little man)
ok still finds it this a bad thing? Like can that person get access to my computer or anything?
No, it isn't a bad thing. I means that if Vuze were to connect to that peer to send/receive data for your download then your Vuze client doesn't know the real address of them and theirs don't know your real address - i.e. the connection is anonymous. So it is actually the opposite of what you are worrying about.
Is this related to the little vertical color-striped cylinders in the Seeds and Peers columns for that torrent? 

(Never seen those cylinders before, and when I hovered I saw the '1 or more i2p peers see privacy view?' text box, which brought me to this thread.)