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Full Version: Socket error
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HI everyone - first post.. Been using Vuze for a year now, never had any problem, I use the same (good) torrent sites, and have tried 6 torrents tonight, and all have come up with a red face on the left, and socket exeption, unexpected end of file from server... This is from 2 seperate sites, with 6 different torrents.. i have a good VPN that's never had any problems...

What's going on??
Hi and welcome!

It could be that any one of the following is happening:

1) the Torrent sites are up but their tracker(s) is/are down (unlikely to happen for multiple sites)
2) there is a weird routing problem effecting both sites because some major routing hub is having problems.
3) Your VPN is having problems and or is down -- no matter how reliable a VPN is . . . they can have problems

There are probably a few other possibilities that I can not think of right now (it is way past my bed-time LOL).