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Full Version: Vuze (latest stable and latest beta alike) steals focus when adding new torrent
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I'm new here, but I've used Vuze for a long time, and IMO, it's the best torrent and magnet client all round, hands down.

I have an issue, though, not a major one, mind you, but still: in OS X (Snow Leopard on a 32-bit-only MacBook Pro), every time I click on a .torrent or .magnet link in my Web browser, Vuze's main window comes to the foreground.

In other words, it steals the focus from the browser window, and strangely enough, this doesn't happen in Windows, where only the Taskbar icon blinks in orange a couple times, then returns to its normal state.

With the help of a very nice fellow at Vuze, I've upgraded to the latest beta version, where new Interface options have been added, including one that should prevent Vuze main window from showing up when not absolutely necessary, but the issue persists.

Have some of you guys found a workaround for this issue? Like I said, it's just a minor annoyance, but I'd like to solve it anyway.