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Full Version: Frequent crashes & unable to re-launch
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Vuze has always crashed every once in a while but not very often, now it is at the point where it crashes VERY frequently. This will usually happen a short while after adding a torrent and choosing a download location. When it crashes the process will sometimes still run in the background but after ending Azureus.exe I am unable to relaunch the vuze client. The only way i can relaunch it and continue my downloads are to restart my PC entirely, im sure there may be a service or something still running in the background but i cannot find any other process/service related to Vuze/Azureus. Any help?

Using windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
How many torrent are you running?
Can happen with as little as 1-2 torrents and after I've seeded a while i always delete the torrent from the library so it's definitely not the issue. Would guess it has to do with one of their updates within the past few weeks.
Well that rules out a memory problem.  LOL

I was expecting you to say something like "around 400".  Then a memory problem might explain it.  If it is only happening when you are running less than 100 or so torrents I seriously doubt it is a memory issue (unless you manually changed the memory allocation of Vuze to an insanely small number -- which I doubt).