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Full Version: Unable to set Vuze as default client (Win8.1)
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I tried already a lot.
1. conventional - "Ope1.With"
2. VUZE tool->options->Interface->"Reset file associations...".
3. I also searched the registry, but could not find where additional changes are required.

I also tried uninstall and reinstall... No luck.

Any ideas?

has a different torrent client grabbed the associations or is it not working at all?
I used BitLord. But even if I remove it totaly (including all leftovers) I am still unable to change association
Any ideas anyone? I am still stuck.... I tried other torrent programs... no luck.
Only Bitlord is able to get the associations right.

Please help.
I am still stuck.... Any ideas anyone?
Hi Guys,
I am in the same boat as above. Tried the same ideas but no success. Any ideas in making Vuse stay my default client? Much appreciate in advance.
There's some information about registry settings for magnet links here that might help