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Full Version: Severe Issue with Vuze and Internet Stability
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Hi everybody,

About 4 weeks back I began to have severe issues with my internet connection. At the time, no body could identify what the issue was. My ISP could not identify the issue, and told me to replace my modem. After using 3 different modems, I began to contact each manufacturers technical support team. D-link, Netgear and Huawei, all responded to be with the same response. They all were baffled by the internet issues I was having, and none had a resolution for the problem.

I have used 3 seperate DSL cables, 3 seperate ethernet cables. I have also tried using different methods when attempting internet connection as well, some methods include; using wired or wireless; leaving modem off for a few days; isolating the modem and only allowing connection to one device; and alternating between sequences with powering on the modem and devices before or after each other. All different approaches ended in the same result.

Now this is where it gets really weird. All LED lights on my modem (all 3 modems), will always stay completely solid. DSL light is solid, Ethernet is solid, internet is solid, wireless is solid. So judging by what the modem is telling me, I would think that my internet access and connection is perfectly fine. However, no devices are able to successfully connect to the modem and maintain a constant connection. Precisely, my windows PC will indicate a small [!] exclamation mark next to it's connection status on the task bar, stating <No Internet Access>.

After turning my modem off and on (I have tried unplugging it from the power for 2 minutes as well) the internet will connect, and I will be able to use any software or devices for about 2 minutes before all access is completely cut off again; remember that all lights on the modem are green, but all access has been cut. This was the only way I was able to use any form of internet access for 3 weeks.


I noticed a pattern...

And finally discovered what could be the issue...

Quick note: When this issue first started happening I was using Vuze the night before to download torrents and stream media to my Xbox One.

So here is what I have been able to gather so far; When Vuze is not open on my main device, my Windows PC (Running Windows 7) I have internet connection and stability issues as listed above. However, when I start Vuze and open the application, all internet connections stabilize and I am able to use and access all internet services without interruptions or drop-outs. How wierd is that?! Upon CLOSING Vuze (and clicking exit on the task bar or under File > Exit Vuze) the internet almost instantly drops out and I begin to have the same stability issues again.

Now from the 10 years that I have used the internet for, I have never seen or heard of an issue like this... INFACT, it would make more sense for my internet to die when I OPEN Vuze, as that would demonstrate the modem being overloaded or something along those lines, but for my internet to crash once I've CLOSED Vuze, is just bizzarre.

I have tried completely removing and uninstalling Vuze from my computer, issues continued until I re-installed and launched the software again. I have also tried resetting all my Vuze configurations to DEFAULT, which unfortunately led to NOTHING working at all (Maybe the issue's source is in Vuze's settings somewhere?) even after restoring Vuze to a previous version, I now have NO way of maintaining a stable internet connection at all.

It's also worth mentioning that the other day, for a few hours, my internet connection was stable. Later that day, I had to open Vuze again for something, which triggerred the issues to start happening again.

Now, It's a long shot, especially considering no one else has been able to help me thus far. But, if any body has ANY idea how to permanently fix this issue, PLEASE respond to this post! These issues are driving me absolutely insane, and I truly hope someone has an answer for this - because I've used every bit of knowledge I have to try and fix it, and I have remained unsuccessful.

Thanks for your time!

Darcy / Vermitus