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Full Version: Vuze seeding
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I'm using Vuze version V4.9.0.0/4 az3 (I'm not updating because the site I'm seeding for has approved versions/clients and this version is the most recent approved Vuze release) and it seems to stop seeding after a set amount of time. I was wondering if there's anyway to get it to seed indefinitely or until the torrent is deletd? I looked through the settings and found a seeding timer and have set it to 999999999 . . . . (I held 9 for a few seconds), so this should allow it to be seeded for a while but I would prefer it be seeded indefinietly
Try right clicking on the torrent and choosing force seed or force seeding or words to that effect.  That is an old version I can not remember the exact text but it is something like that.  It might be buried in a sub-menu!

Good Luck!