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Full Version: Download keeps dropping to 0 endlessly!
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My vuze was working fine until recently. I left it downloading all night once and it hasn't been as functional. The problem I have now is that the download speed is constantly dropping to 0 then going up to my max speed then dropping again. I googled and searched in the forum but I didn't find a solution. Does anyone please know how to fix my problem?
That is very often a symptom of being traffic shaped by your ISP.

first check here and locate your ISP.

then read this for suggestions on how to avoid your ISP's efforts (if necessary)

The words here and this are links ;-)

If those links do not help try running a glasnost test:

That should tell you for sure what is going on.
Or you are saving the download to a very slow device and when a cache-flush occurs it ends up backing up the network layer