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Full Version: Sudden forced download of some subscription
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Hi there.. I was wondering what just popped up on my Vuze app.. 
All of a sudden a forced download named:
Subscription 7D69C36EDC6B438492F2 for 2FAB9047D875DC35259B7C958770E117FFF11BF7'
shows up.. I'm guessing it has something to do with the subscriptions tab but i've never used that feature and don't subscribe to anything.
Does anyone know what it is ? 
I stopped the download quickly, but when i went back to check just now it had disappeared..

Hope you can help
Its a subscription associated with something that you have downloaded and it is being downloaded so that it can be shown to you as an option to subscribe to later.

Just ignore it or go to Tools->Options->Subscriptions and uncheck 'download subscriptions from other clients when needed'