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Full Version: unchecking last file clears all files to 0% done
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This is a definite bug report.

Android phone, latest version of Vuze torrent downloader.

Had 23 files I'd been downloading for a day, 15 gb, was about half finished.

I decided to uncheck all but the first one to see if it might finish to day. So I did that and resumed download. It had only 1.3% done out of about 800 mb, so I decided forget it. I went back to check the rest of the files to resume and accidentally unchecked the first one. At this point, the bell went off like it'd finished a download. So, I checked all 23 files and resumed the download and it started a zero percent! Like it trashed all the half I had already downloaded. All gone. Very irritating. Must be in the logic which is used to complete a download.